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How To Speed Up Windows 10

How To Speed Up Windows 10

how to speed up windows 10

Hello there!
Today we gonna teach you how to speed up windows 10 for free and any without using the software.
So let's begin the step.

 1: Power option
 search power option at your start menu. Then after you will see the power option on the result, just hit on it. Then you will get to this control panel power options window. Here you see my default power plan is set as balanced. Change it to high performance. Now you can close the power option

2: Disable unwanted startup programs
To disable this you need to go to the task manager. The easiest way to get to the task manager is by clicking on any empty space on your taskbar and chose task manager, once you are the task manager, go to start up and here you will see the program that starts up automatically when your system start. When you install a program in windows, it may add a small program that runs when windows start. After installing more programs on your system you may experience you boot up process could become slow. And these programs run on the system background which causes the system performance slowdown. If there are programs you don’t use much, they probably don’t need to start every time window does. So I will make you clear how to disable unwanted startup program to achieve a better startup speed and system performance.

 You can see there many programs that you regularly use as well as any program that you never use on a daily basis. Identify them and apply this.
For example, I, am not using torrent on a daily basis so I click on it and apply for disabled for automatic startup. And disable a number of other programs which you don’t use well. And make sure do not disable you program publish by Microsoft corporation because maybe these programs running your windows, and do not disable the antivirus too.  After this now close the task manager.

 3: Reboot your system
If your system is slowing down, try rebooting. Yes, it's an obvious way, but we tend to forget the obvious

 4: Uninstall the programs
When you purchase a new computer, it sometimes it loaded with unwanted software often referred to as crap and sometimes we install program we no longer need. Getting rid of these programs will help because many programs load processes when your computer is booted that can take up valuable RAM  and CPU cycles .to uninstall these programs go to control panel and select program and features.  Then you see the list of all program and in the list find the program you no longer want, then click on that program and select uninstall. Other than freeing up RAM you will also free up hard-drive space too
How To Speed Up Windows 10

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